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Custom handmade D2 steel hunting/Bowie knife (Heavy Duty Balde) | SJ-10

 Custom handmade D2 steel hunting/Bowie knife (Heavy Duty Balde) | SJ-10
Custom handmade D2 steel hunting/Bowie knife (Heavy Duty Balde) | SJ-10
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  • Model: SJ-10

•Overall length is 10" APPROX
•Blade length is 5"
•Handle length is 5"

Handle Description;

Double Steel Guards with Stag Horn.


(Black Horn, Rose wood, Olive wood, Walnut wood,) Price will be same.

Blade Material;

A One of Quality D2 Tool  Steel used.     58-60 HRC


A Top Quality leather sheath will be included with this product.

                                                     ●International Buyers●

Before making any purchase, please be certain that the item is legal for you to import into your country. We are not responsible for any items seized by customs. We don't sell knives to anyone under the age of 18.

ü  Customer Care

Our work deserves your full support and positive feedback. If you feel anything wrong with your purchase please contact us once before leaving any feedback. I feel pleasure to assist you with your case. I do full refund if something is wrong with my Item. I don't do cancellation of order but still you can contact me.


we normally Ships from the GERMANY ( if we have some thing is the stock) other wise we make and send it from Pakistan, but the price will be the Same, and the time frame will be the same as well

Care Tips :

After you used your knife wash in soap and water, dry completely.

• Oil or wax the blade to prevent rust.

• To prevent rust do not store knife for long periods in the leather sheath.

• Leather pulls moisture from the air and could rust the blade if not stored properly.

Happy Shopping;


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