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Product Description Damascus steel first appeared over two thousand years ago. It is believed to have come from India and then migrated to Syria, before eventually gaining popularity in Europe. It has been revered as the best steel, having been used for the sword of Alexander the Great, and a known favorite of Aristotle. During the Crusades, it was even described as strong enough to cut other swords in half. Not only has Damascus steel been sought after throughout history for its strength, but also its distinctive beauty and quality. All of that history and signature aesthetic has been funneled into this knife from Damask Co. Made by hand, it arrives perfectly honed and ready, with a unique composite handle that adds a rugged, contemporary flair. Product Details — Custom Handmade Knife — Overall Length: 10.1" — Blade Length: 4.4" — Blade Material: Forged Damascus Steel — Blade Style: Fixed Tracker — Blade Hardness: 58-60 HRC — Scale Length: 5.5" — Weight: 1.3lbs — Handle: Sculpted Da

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